Meet this ‘brave’ Oklahoma mailman who saved 11-yr-old’s life

Washington D.C., Oct.15 : It takes immense courage to save someone’s life and one mailman won hearts after he saved an 11-year-old Oklahoma girl’s life from fire.

According to Tulsa World reports, Oklahoma mail carrier named Steve Shipman rescued the girl by calling 911 and seeking help of a next-door neighbour to break open a window, E! Online reports.

To honor Shipman for his bravery, the National Association of Letter Carriers (NALC) has named him as one of their 2015 Letter Carrier Heroes of the Year.

Back in 1974, the NALC has established the ‘Heroes of the Year Awards’ to pay public tribute to outstanding letter carriers, who risked their lives and perform selfless and heroic acts to rescue those at risk of losing their lives.(ANI)