Meet aspiring scientist, who made clock which shows times of various countries

Hyderabad: When I grow up I want to achieve sometime through which I can bring laurels to my country and community and serve humanity, says 13-year-old, Hyder Ali Khan who has made a clock which shows time of several countries at a time. Although we can see times of all countries in mobile phones and digital clocks but we can see the time of only one country in a clock with hands. That is the reason that we find a lot of clocks in big hotels, MNCs and tourists organisations.

Hyder Ali Khan student of 8th class in Mahatma Gandhi Memorial High school, Maruti Nagar, Yousuf Guda, who is the son of Ahmed Ali Khan and Salma Shameem, has set the time of, India, New York, UAE, London and Saudi Arabia in a single clock. For this he had to use a number of hands.

Hyder Ali Khan called on Siasat editor Mr. Zahed Ali Khan along with his father and two younger brothers and told that when he saw a number of clocks on the wall of a hotel he thought wouldn’t it be fascinating if a single clock can show times of various countries. Then he made such clock by himself. The boy told that he is interested in the field of engineering and wishes to see man fly like birds. He is very much impressed by the inventor, physician, chemist, engineer and Arabic-language poet Abbas Ibn Firnas.

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