Meerut: Press any button on EVM, vote goes to BJP

Meerut: Press any button on EVM, vote goes to BJP

Meerut Voters discovered that EVM was recording votes only for BJP in First phase of Civic Polls in UP

Meerut: Large scale protest erupted at a polling booth in Meerut after the voters discovered that an Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) was recording votes only for BJP, irrespective of the button that was being pressed. It must be noted that the first phase of civic polls in UP began in the state on Wednesday.

Mohammed Shahed, husband of Ishrat Jahan, a contestant is heard saying in the video that, while the voters press on elephant the vote goes to lotus. He said the discrepancy of at least 150 votes has been discovered. He claimed that other wards also witnessed such tampering. Shahed termed it BJP conspiracy. The area in which this problem occurred is dominated by the minority community.

While the officials claimed that the machine was “malfunctioning”, the non-BJP parties alleged that machines had been tampered with.

A video of a Tasleem Ahmad, can be seen trying unsuccessfully to cast his vote for the candidate of his choice.

“I voted for the BSP candidate. I am still holding the pressed button. The machine has recorded my vote as having gone to BJP. I have been waiting here for an hour”. Ahmad can be heard saying in the video.

It must be recalled that opposition parties had leveled serious charges of EVM tampering soon after the UP assembly polls in March, in which BJP got an unprecedented mandate of 325 seats out of 403.

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