Meerut: Hindu outfits object to Muslims offering ‘taraweeh’ namaz, triggers clash

MEERUT: Clashes broke out on Wednesday night after Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)-led Hindu groups attacked Muslims performing namaz at a tomb in Meerut’s Shastri Nagar area .

According to locals, the incident took place after members of right wing outfits chased away over 100 Muslims who arrived to perform ‘taraweeh’, the night time prayer during Ramzan which led to arguments and soon a clash broke out. People from both sides pelted stones resulting in injuring two persons.

The local BJP leaders who reportedly objected to the namaz said the function held around the tomb close to the gole mandir in Sector-3, a “Hindu-dominated” locality, and therefore the Muslims should offer the prayers in a mosque.

Following the incident, a heavy security force was deployed in the area as a precautionary measure.

According to The Hindu, Meerut Superintendent of Police (city) Shriprakash Dwivedi said, “We managed to control the situation. Police force has been deployed to ensure law and order in the area.”