Meerut: Hatred for love-jihad blinds radical oufits, thrashed Muslim man had served Kanwar Yatris

Meerut: ‘Love-Jihad’ as it is termed, has become a social evil lurking in the Indian society with radical outfits boldly taking criminal action behind the mask of ‘love-jihad’.

Whether or not it is an actual case of love-jihad is and was never a question here rather the Muslim man is beaten, thrashed or in some cases lynched to death by radical outfits, TOI reports.

Similar is the recent Meerut case where a student was dragged from her Muslim classmate’s residence and thrashed inside the police van while the classmate was brutally beaten up by VHP activists until he was bleeding.

This Muslim man was accused of ‘love jihad’, dragged out of his house and thrashed by VHP activists and was even kept in detention for several hours along with the female student.

But this young man aged around 21 never failed to serve humanity regardless of his religion as Islam promotes humanity over enmity.

The 21-year-old’s pictures from earlier this year shows him serving food to kanwar yatris and treating them at a camp, which now a completely different story most people are not aware of due to hatred that has blinded them.

Not only did he serve kanwariyas, the nursing student also made contributions to set up the Kanwar camp.

According to officials at his college, this nursing student has also taken part in Janmashtami processions and has been always enthusiastic about holding religious demonstrations.

Dr Dinesh Rana, UP state nodal officer (nursing), said, “He is one of the most well-behaved students in the batch of 50 at the college. This Shivratri, he was a part of the kanwar camp where food, as well as medicines, were provided to devotees. Why would anybody who is against other religions do such a thing?”

Few other pictures of him show him serving food to kanwariyas and attending to them at the medical camp.

“Whenever the college took out Janmashtami processions, he used to contribute monetarily, as he did for the kanwar camp. He had even visited the leprosy home in Meerut to give food and medicines to patients. What happened with him is just not acceptable to us and the entire college feels sad for him,” said Rana.

“I was beaten up by VHP men for practicing ‘love jihad’. It hurts me even now to think that they have so much hatred for me only because of my name and religion,” the nursing student had told in an interview.