Hyderabad: Medwin Hopital is organizing free Health camp for Diabetes & Heart Diseases keeping in view that these discases are silent killers which appears in worst complication. Till a person take any initiative or treatment most of the organs already damaged or in the process of damaging .
Today most of the Deaths are due to these killer diseases where patients were ignorant of the disease, Medwin Hopital under scheme of “Be Healthy Live Healthy” mission decaler free diagnosis for all who are 25+ in their age .

This camp wil start from 4th February 2016 and end on 5 February 2016 from 12.00 PM to 6.00PM.

During the camp free consultancy, Free BP Checkup , Free Bloop Suger, Free Cholesterol , Free ECG and if required free 2D Echo will also be facilitated .

Further, management plan to facilitate such free camps every week .The day.

Medwin Request the public to utilize this facility to “Be Healthy Live Healthy”

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