Medical student marries ISIS suspect over the phone in Azamgarh

Lucknow: Falling in love over social media is not something new we get to hear these days but not giving second thoughts would surely land you in trouble. Recently a new story has come up where a medical student married an ISIS supporter over the phone in Azamgarh.

According to the police sources, the girl and Amjad Khan, the suspect, both met on social media about two years back and since then are in touch. Both of them used to have long conversations about Islam and its ideology, the two recently got married earlier this month over the phone.

The sources also said the intelligence agencies have arrested Amjad and is closely monitoring his ‘wife’.
The ISIS suspect Amjad Khan hails from Churu District in Rajasthan and reports to his boss in terror outfit Shafi Amar, who lives in Syria. Amjad has also been assigned with enrolling Muslim youth in the outfit.

The police officials also said the suspect “Amjad even told this girl that he was married and had two children but the girl decided to go ahead with marriage. The marriage was solemnized earlier this month on phone. We are keeping an eye on the girl and will take action at the appropriate time. The girl’s family is reportedly not aware of Amjad’s links with ISIS”, DC reported.