Medical camps at Krishna Pushkar ghats ready

Health & Family Welfare Department Commissioner Samuel Anand Kumar has said medical camps were being set up at Krishna Pushkara Ghats.

In every camp there should be a doctor and nurse and five para medical staff will be placed, he said. Base medical camps will be set at A, A+ and B Ghats and anesthesia, general surgeon, orthopedic doctors will be present in these ghats. Stretchers and wheel chairs would be kept in camps along with two ambulances. Medical camps to be set up at bus stands and pushkara towns, he said. The medical staff would give publicity on health protection during pushkar bath in mikes. All required medicine would be kept at availability. Special arrangements have been made to see that the ambulances would not be struck in traffic jams. The medical staff would work in three shifts for 24 hours wearing blue jackets, scarf in neck at pushkara ghats, he revealed. (NSS)