Media is responsible for creating differences in country, says Randeep Hooda

Mumbai: Randeep Hooda has tweeted that the media and social media are responsible for spreading fear and insecurity amongst all of us, regardless of our religions, castes and other differences.

He said that if we stay connected to our friends and neighbours we’ll have a sense of peace. We should abstain from becoming a part of religious debates, and other differences spread by Media.

If you are Muslim and suddenly start feeling unsafe in (a) country where you’ve lived for more than (a) thousand years..If you are Dalit and start feeling insulted on every moment of life.. If you are Hindu and suddenly start feeling that cows are being slaughtered everywhere… If you are a Jain and suddenly start feeling that your religious piety is being compromised…If you are punjabi and think all the youth are on drugs.Just do one thing… – Stay away from social media… – Don’t watch news…- Stay away from debates on religion…Just look around you at your friends who belong to different castes , communities and religions… And you will find that you are living in one of the best countries in the world!! Randeep Hooda, Actor