Media narratives can help beat prejudice

Washington: A new study has suggested that the media narratives counter prejudiced attitudes.

Researches from several personality and social psychologists have shown that entertainment media with positive content or conciliatory messages can contribute to positive relationships between members of different ethnic groups and genders.

From sitcoms to music videos, entertainment media offers a reflection of parts of American culture. Sohad Murrar, University of Wisconsin-Madison, showed the power of entertainment media to promote positive intergroup relationships in a series of studies.

Entertainment media, in addition to being scalable, are likely to be one the most effective ways to improve intergroup relations and promote diversity, stated Murrar.

Although, more research examining the effects of entertainment media on viewers’ intergroup attitudes is necessary, the current research suggests that entertainment media can be used to promote broad scale social change by reducing racism and discrimination.

The study has been presented in Society for Personality and Social Psychology 17th Annual Convention. (ANI)