Media consultant of singer Yusuf Islam embraces Islam

NEW DELHI: Prominent British singer-songwriter and philanthropist Yusuf Islam’s media consultant, Pedro Carvalho took a leap of faith from Christianity to Islam in newly opened Cambridge Central Mosque in England.

Following a congregational Friday prayer last week, Carvalho had a conversation with the Turkish imam Ali Tos outside the mosque inaugurated by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan of Turkey.

Carvalho said that he might be a Muslim and was “looking for the right time”.

To this, Imam Tos replied saying, “If you’re looking for the right time, the right time is right now. We live in a world where we have no guarantee for another second, so the right time is right now.”

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Carvalho then told the Imam to “show him how to become a Muslim”.

After this, both proceeded together into the mosque and with the assistance of Imam, the media consultant took his Shahadah, the Islamic declaration of faith.

Conversion-an inner decision

Carvalho told Anadolu Agency that embracing Islam was an inner decision, adding: “It’s all to do with my feelings for the Almighty, for Allah.”

 Carvalho pointed to his heart and said “This feeling is part of my soul, it’s part of me, and one day I will meet my Maker, and today I feel much happier.”

Following the declaration of his faith (the Kalimah), —people present in the mosque including Yusuf — congratulated Carvalho on the conversion.

Carvalho’s fiancee, also a converted Muslim, also joined her to-be husband’s new faith.

She, along with her family supported Carvalho in his decision.

Previously known as Cat Stevens, Yusuf Islam became Muslim on 23 December 1977, over 40 years ago.