Mechanic Hamid invented an engine that uses air as fuel

Baghpat, UP: Do we ever think that air can be used as fuel to run an engine?

Well Hamid, a mechanic from UP has designed such an engine that run on air as a fuel, according to a report published in News18.

Hamid, a resident of Basod village, of Baghpat has developed an engine that has a power of 2-horse power. Hamid after spending 10 years of his life completed the project.
According to Hamid, this engine can be used as a generator and to run the car with no use of diesel or petrol.

The engine has two air tanks which helps it to run. He is also making an attempt to modify the engine where it can reprocess used air itself to use it as a fuel.
Hamid says regrets lack of support from the district authorities. “I haven’t got any financial help to design the engine in a better way.”