McDonald’s strikes again, Lizard found in French fries

KOLKATA: After reading this you will definitely say “We aren’t loving it” because McDonald’s outlet in Kolkata serves pregnant woman French Fries with deep-fried dead lizard.

According to a report published, the incident happened 28th February. It was Priyanka Moitra’s 4-year-old daughter’s birthday and therefore they went to fast-food chain outlet McDonald’s in EM Bypass area of Kolkata for a meal where they ordered a portion of French fries.

When the order was placed, they were shocked that deep-fried dead lizard was served to them with famous French Fries.

Priyanka said, “I immediately reported the matter to the outlet manager, who apologised and took away the order and offered to replace the same with fresh stuff.”

Priyanka, who is 6-months pregnant asked “what if my children or we ate the food with that fried lizard? She accused the restaurant of showing “a lot of negligence”.

After taking the photograph of the deep-fried lizard in the food, she went to Phulbagan police station and filed an FIR against the McDonald’s outlet.

“Filing a police complaint was important. People should know about this incident as consuming such poisonous food can be fatal”, she said.

McDonald’s, the favorite burger joint known for serving mouth-watering delicacies for majority of Indians has issued statement on Friday saying, “Taking situation seriously; launched thorough investigation immediately upon being aware of complaint”: