MBT smells conspiracy in reservation of Azampura ward

MBT smells conspiracy in reservation of Azampura ward

The Majlis Bachau Tahreek has strongly condemned the way certain wards in the Old City of Hyderabad were placed into reserved categories.

In a media statement, MBT leader Amjed Ullah Khan (ex-Corporator) said that the Azampura ward has been reserved for Women (General). “This is nothing but the results of a conspiracy hatched by MIM and TRS to silence my voice. The TRS Government took revenge against me for raising the issue of Alair encounter and other atrocities against Muslims of Telangana. The MIM and TRS leaders were upset as I had exposed their ill-intentions on 12% Muslim reservation. They not only reserved Azampura, but all other wards like Barkas, Chandrayangutta and Kanchanbagh where MBT was stronger,” he said.

Amjed Ullah Khan said almost eight months before the completion of his term as corporators in November 2014, there were rumours that Azampura would be reserved for women. Those rumours were being spread by the MIM leaders. Today those rumours came true and it has been proved that the reservation of Old City wards was finalised in Darulsalaam. “MIM has always aligned with the party-in-power to suppress MBT and other opponents. Later, they ditched the same party. The TRS is making the same mistake committed by TDP and Congress in the past and it will regret having friendship with MIM,” he said.

He said that the MBT candidate would emerge victorious from Azampura and Muslims of Old City would teach a fitting lesson to the MIM and TRS in the forthcoming GHMC elections.

Amjed Ullah reminded that contesting and winning from a new ward was not new for him. “When I got elected from Chanchalguda ward in 2001, the MIM leader used delimitation tool to completely erase my constituency. I shifted to Azampura and won with the thumping majority. This time, too I will contest from one of the 44 unreserved wards and will win the elections. Both MIM and TRS will regret dislodging me from Azampura as now MBT will win more number of seats across the Old City, including Azampura ward,” he said. (INN)