MBT demands reconstruction of Babri Masjid, appeals voluntary bandh on Dec 6

MBT demands reconstruction of Babri Masjid, appeals voluntary bandh on Dec 6

Hyderabad: Before the Moghal regime, India was divided into various kingdoms by Rajas, Maharajas and Jagirdars. The Moghals played an important role in uniting Indian nation and today they are being treated as anti-national. The reason for this is that they were Muslims. In fact, the country should have been indebted to the Moghals.


In order to tarnish the image of the Moghals, the British spread hatred and they were successful in their conspiracies. In the democratic country of India today, some politicians are promoting their secret agenda by spreading hatred. Now the time is changing. People are getting united. The demolition of Babri Masjid is a black spot on the democratic history of India.


These thoughts were expressed by the President of MBT, Mr. Majeedullah Khan Farhat while addressing a protest meeting on the restoration of Babri Masjid held on Sunday. Spokesman of MBT, Mr. Amjadullah Khan Khalid, Secretary, Mr. Mustafa Mahmood and others addressed the gathering.


Mr. Farhat told that the judgment pronounced on the basis of Aastha will not be accepted. MBT has been opposing it right from day one. He demanded that excavations should be stopped. Before excavation, Nirmohi Akhada or any other organization did not have any documentary evidence but Dept. of Archeology provided proof after the excavation which was a conspiracy. It is very regrettable that a sitting judge tells that he is the devote of “Bhagwan Ram”. In this context, when he pronounces judgment, it cannot be accepted in a democratic setup.


He appealed to democratic lovers and the Muslims to keep their shops closed on 6th December and put black badges on their garments in order to protest against Babri Masjid issue. He also appealed to the Muslims to offer prayers on that day for the restoration of Babri Masjid.


—Siasat News