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MBBS category A admissions begin, managements demanding double fee

MBBS category A admissions begin, managements demanding double fee

Hyderabad: Though the Government has directed the Private medical colleges to collect Rs 60,000 as MBBS first year’s tuition fee for the A category seats on July 20, the private medical colleges are reportedly demanding double the amount as other fees from the parents.

The under graduate medical admissions begun in the convener quota seats, the private medical colleges are demanding hefty amounts towards special fees and other fees apart from the revised tuition fee of Rs 60,000.

Parents of these medical students have alleged that these private institutions are demanding additional Rs 60,000 as caution deposit and special fee, which will not be reimbursed.

The Private colleges had earlier proposed a 5 percent hike to the last revised fee for management quota seats. The Government agreeing to that approved the 5 percent fee hike, issued an order stating only management quota tuition fee has been revised and increased by 5 per cent.
The order clearly directed the private colleges that they are entitled to charge Rs 60,000 towards tuition fee for the convener quota.

One of the parents reportedly told, “My son’s college management has collected up to Rs 1.28 lakh from parents in the name of caution deposit, library fees, miscellaneous charges and hostel fees. A parent, who had gone to a private college with Rs 60,000 recently, was surprised when he was asked to cough up Rs 1.28 lakh.”

G. Srinivas, Junior Doctors’ Associations advisor said, “As per the government order, private colleges can collect only Rs 60,000 per annum as tuition fees for the convenor quota. Many parents and students complain that a few private colleges are charging around Rs 1.2 lakh in the name of admission fees, library fees, insurance fees, hostel deposit and caution deposit. This is a burden for parents as they have to pay Rs 60,000 more apart from the tuition fees which will not be reimbursed.”

Karunakar Reddy, Vice Chancellor, Kaloji Narayana Rao University of Health Sciences, said, “If colleges are charging more, students can always complain to us and the Admissions and Fee Regulatory Committee (AFRC). Students, however, are not willing to register their complaint as they do not want to invite the wrath of the college management in which they are planning to pursue their higher studies.”

However, the managements of these private medical colleges denying the allegations said, “This is a common practice among medical colleges to collect caution deposits, library fees, hostel fees and stipend fees apart from the tuition fees.

Most of them are refundable. So, parents need not worry about it,” said Laxmi Narsimha Rao, president of the Private College Management.

Meanwhile, the minority students are demanding the authorities to postpone the admissions into B category MBBS seats as counseling commenced on this Thursday.

The students are demanding a 10 percent increase in the management quota since 50 seats have been already reduced in this category.

However, the officials of Kaloji Narayana Rao University of Health Sciences officials said the demand pf postponing the counseling cannot be fulfilled unless the government orders it.