Mayoral candidate Regina Mustafa receives death threats on social media

WASHINGTON: Regina Mustafa, the first Muslim mayoral candidate of a city in Minnesota receives death threat on social media.

A posting by “Militia Movement” wrote on her website: “EXECUTE all muslims in America.”

Regina seeking to become mayor of Rochester, which is about 100 miles south-east of Minneapolis.

Of 114,000 population of Rochester, almost 12,000 is Muslim.

Regina, on her Twitter page, said: “It won’t derail me. But any threats must be taken seriously. No one should feel threatened when wanting to serve their community in elected office.”

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) requested local law enforcement to investigate the matter.

“We urge state and federal law enforcement authorities to investigate this implicit threat of violence targeting a member of a minority community seeking to take part in our nation’s political process,” said Jaylani Hussein, CAIR Minnesota chapter’s executive director.