Mayor of Aligarh wants to protect cows and Hindu girls

Aligarh: Shakuntala Bharti (50), Mayor of Aligarh told that she lost the count of many cows which she had saved from being slaughtered over the past few years.

According to the news published in Indian Express, BJP Mayor of Aligarh accused Aligarh Muslim University of providing beef dishes in a canteen of Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College. However, university’s authorities clarified that it was buffalo meat.

The university canteen has now been closed on the expiry of its contract on 23rd February. “If there was no cow meat being sold, what was the need to shut the canteen? The fact that it was shut is proof enough that there was something wrong going on,” said Bharti.

Mr. J. Ravinder Goud, SSP of Aligarh gave a statement that when policemen visited the canteen, there was no menu board on display. Asif Ahmed, the contractor of the canteen told that ‘beef biryani’ contained buffalo meat.

Vexed up with Samajwadi Party government, Ms. Bharti alleged that it has soft corner for Minorities which is nothing but to consolidate minority votes.
The mayor added that her main objective it to protect cows from being slaughtered and also to offer protection to Hindu girls from ‘love jihad’.