Mayawati to create ripples in politics, decides to hold rallies every month

New Delhi: Supremo of BSP, Ms. Mayawati after resigning from Rajya Sabha seat, decided to create ripples in politics. She held a meeting of the party workers, MPs, MLAs, MLCs and others.

Talking to newsmen after the meeting, Mayawati said that BSP will organize rallies on the 18th of every month. The first rally will be held in the month of September covering Meerut-Saharanpur.

Giving further details, she said that in each rally two divisions will be covered. The program will continue for nine months as UP has 18 divisions.

Justifying her decision for selecting 18th of every month for the rally, she said that it is the date on which she resigned from Rajya Sabha seat.

According to news published in Indian Express, leaders said that the aim of the rallies is to regroup the party.

One of the MPs of BSP said that she held meeting in Delhi as she wants to make other parties realize that BSP is still active.

Another BSP leader said that after covering 18 division of UP, the party will continue holding rallies in the selected constituencies.