Mayawati attacks Mohan Bhagwat for backing ‘good’ cow protectors

New Delhi: Reacting sharply to RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat backing “countless good people” working lawfully for cow protection, BSP chief Mayawati today said lauding people “indulging in unlawful, violent and casteist” acts cannot be termed as an act of national interest.

“Going against public sentiment and praising gau rakshaks whose several unlawful, violent and casteist acts have come to light cannot be termed as something in national interest,” Mayawati said in a statement.

Terming Bhagwat’s call for identifying true gau rakhshaks as inspired by narrow communal thinking, Mayawati said, RSS should concentrate on “gau seva- an act of non-violence”, rather than on “gau raksha- which has violence inherent in it” and leads to incidents like the one in Una.

Alleging that violent incidents in the name of gau raksha have been taking place in BJP-ruled states, Mayawati said since the Modi government came to power, first Muslims and now dalits are being targeted on the pretext of protecting cows.

“Despite this, RSS chief’s statement for extending security to gau rakshaks can never be an act aimed at strengthening the nation,” she said, adding that though RSS chief speaks about connecting society but in reality is supporting those who work against it.

The former chief minister also alleged there was an attempt to torch two dalits in Gorakhpur recently and termed it a result of casteist policies of the Samajwadi Party government.

Earlier today RSS chief backed “countless good people” working lawfully for cow protection and said they should not be compared with those creating trouble in its name.

“There should be a distinction between the two. Trouble-makers try to separate this distinction and create a big nuisance,” he said.