Mayawati announces nephew’s entry in BSP, trains gun on media

Delhi: Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) chief Mayawati on Thursday announced the entry of her nephew Akash Anand into the party and also attacked some media channels for allegedly spreading misleading information.

“Rise in the popularity of BSP and its alliance with SP has created unrest among parties and leaders who are anti-Dalits and casteist. Instead of fighting us fair and square they are making absurd remarks against us and conspiring with some casteist and anti-Dalit TV channels. Some channels are also involved in misleading information. Name of my younger brother’s son has been dragged by channels. After my nephew Akash was spotted at some event of my birthday celebrations, his name was dragged in the issue,” Mayawati told ANI.

Countering nepotism charges, she said: “Recently I appointed Anand as Vice President but due to nepotism, he himself decided not to take the post. Unfortunately, after Akash was seen on my birthday, some channels dragged him and presented him as the future face of the party.”

Upping her attack on the media, she further invoked past reference and added, “I am a disciple of Kanshi Ram ji, so to give a ‘tit for tat’ answer I will make Akash join BSP movement and make him learn. If some casteist and an anti-Dalit section of media have a problem with that then let it be. Our party doesn’t care.”

Reportedly, decades ago BSP leader late Kanshi Ram had once slapped journalist who was working for a TV channel.