May to present ‘Plan B’ on Brexit deal

London: British Prime Minister Theresa May on Monday will disclose a ‘Plan B’ on Brexit, after the Parliamentarians, last week, voted against her proposed deal for Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union.

Al Jazeera reported that the Prime Minister held meetings with a few members of the opposition party last week, but was in no mood to compromise on her proposal.

On Monday’s proposal to proceed with the deal, May will focus on important issues related to Brexit, including the Irish backstop.

Last week, May’s Brexit deal was voted down by the MPs at the House of Commons by a resounding majority of 230. The deal was voted down by 432 votes to 202, the worst defeat for any sitting government in the UK. Around 118 Conservative Party MPs voted against the withdrawal agreement.

For long, May has been pushing for the Brexit deal to be accepted by the UK Parliament. She has repeatedly stated that “this is a Brexit that delivers.”