May predicted to be cooler than April: IMD

Hyderabad: There is a good news for all those people who have been facing the wrath of the scorching sun and devastating heatwave. Majority of the weather forecasting websites and Meteorological Department have predicted temperatures less than 40° on most days and cloudy weather with frequent showers in May. Showers and cloudy weather surprised the people of Hyderabad and Bangalore on Monday. “Pre-monsoon activity has started in Telangana and showers can be expected till June first week; now and then the state will experience thunderstorms.” said former IMD Director.

“IMD issues forecasts only for seven days, not for an entire month. The month of May usually sees cyclones. Every second or third day will see thunderstorms; the temperatures will be the highest toward May end or June first week. Hyderabad’s highest was on June 2, 1966, at 45.4ºC. May will have severe thunderstorms. The temperatures won’t see a major drop,” said IMD Hyderabad assistant meteorologist M. Narsimha Rao.