May asks EU leaders to be ‘patient’ with Trump

Valletta: British Prime Minister Theresa May urged her European Union counterparts to be patient with US President Donald Trump as the continents leaders voiced their concerns about the the newly elected leader, media reports said.

The Prime Minister defended her decision to seek a close relationship with the Trump administration, stressing that she had secured his commitment to the NATO alliance, the Daily Mail online reported.

May, the first foreign leader to visit Trump in the White House, said she was “pleased” to have seen him so early in his administration and stressed that she had secured a “100% commitment” to NATO from him.

She stressed that in negotiations over Brexit she wanted to build a “strong partnership” with the EU and pledged the UK would be a “good friend and ally”.

But European leaders at a summit in the Maltese capital warned that they would not let the controversial tycoon “trample” on their values and played down the role May could play as a bridge between the EU and US.