Maulana Naseeruddin condemns the arrests of Muslim youths

Maulana Naseeruddin condemns the arrests of Muslim youths

Hyderabad: Maulana Naseeruddin, Director of Wahdat-e-Islami, Telangana condemned the arrest of Muslim youths. He further told that it indicates that the Muslims are not secure in this country. It also reminds us the Alair encounter which has shaken the confidence of the people on police. He also told that it is not enough to indicate the name of ISIS to justify the arrests. There are many precedents that police and security agencies arrested Muslim youths but later they were exonerated by the courts. The precedent of Nisaruddin of Gulbarga is the latest one. He was arrested alleging that he was involved in bomb blast case. He was in prison for 23 years and at last Supreme Court exonerated him.

He mentioned that the non-partisan attitude of NIA was exposed in Sadhvi Pragya Thakur’s case when it gave clean chit to her and made an unsuccessful attempt to get her release on bail.

The claim of NIA that it seized huge amounts of explosive material is not a new one. Such claims are made about every Muslim youth who is arrested. Such claims proved false on many occasions in courts. It is ridiculous that NIA seized a laptop from a Muslim youth. It is a known fact that every young person uses laptop and mobile phone. To keep air gun is also not a crime. To have information about ISIS is also not a crime. If this is so Govt. should abandon all the websites which provide information about ISIS. It also includes air gun in the list of prohibited weapons.

He demanded the Govt. agencies to complete the investigations within three months. Either the crime be proved or the innocent Muslim youths be released. The sin of playing with the lives of innocent Muslim youths would be on Govt., police, security agencies and those politicians who do not raise their voice against such illegal actions. One day or the other they have to reap the consequences.

–Siasat News