Maulana Muhibullah Nadwi urges Islamic world to raise voice against Imam-e-Haram’s insult

New Delhi: Strongly reacting against the arrest of Imam-e-Haram Sheikh Dr Saleh al-Talib, Imam and Khateeb of Parliament Jama Masjid Maulana Muhibullah Nadwi said no government of the world can stop an Imam from enjoining good and forbidding evil. Whoever does that violates teachings of Islam, Quran and Sunnah. He demanded the release of all Imams including Imam-e-Haram. Otherwise, he urged Islamic world to convene an emergency in this connection and announce Haramain Sharifain a different state.

Imam Nadwi said it is unbecoming for any government to intervene in the affairs of Haramain Sharifain and silence the Imams. He said it is the duty of the Imams to teach good and evil. Maulana asserted that if the report of the arrest of Imams is true, then Muslim countries should intervene and stop Saudi rulers from such deviation.

It must be noted that Saudi Arabia has arrested prominent Imam of Makkah’s Grand Mosque. The Imam had reportedly criticized mixed public gatherings. Saudi Arabia allegedly took this decision after the imam reportedly delivered a sermon on the duty in Islam to speak out against the evil in public. Talib who is also a judge in Makkah had allegedly slammed mixing of men and women at different events. However, the imam did not directly criticize the Saudi Royal Family.