Maulana Jafar Pasha resigns from United Muslim Forum

Hyderabad: If there is any political party which can dislodge BJP in the Center, it is only Congress. TRS might become part of NDA to help Modi become PM next year.

Despite knowing the entire situation, United Muslim Forum seems to have made up its mind to support TRS.

Maulana Jafar Pasha, Vice President of the Forum disassociated himself from all its activities when he tendered resignation.

It clearly shows that UMF has split on the issue of supporting or opposing Congress party.

Rumours were making round that after the local political party aligned itself with TRS, UMF would also support TRS.

Recently, the leaders of the forum had called on Dy. CM, Mr. Mohammed Mahmood Ali and had highlighted the Muslim problems.

It is reported that Maulana Jafar Pasha resigned from the forum since he was under pressure to extend blind support to TRS which he did not accept. He contended that UMF had taken a decision earlier for not accepting any administrative position from the government but the president of the Forum, Maulana Raheemuddin Ansari accepted the position of the chairman of Urdu Academy which is against the decision taken by the Forum earlier.

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