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Maulana Hamed Mohammed Khan shows concern over bloodshed in Syria

Maulana Hamed Mohammed Khan shows concern over bloodshed in Syria
Young Bosnian women hold baby dolls wrapped in white fabric with stains symbolizing blood, as several thousands of Bosnian protestors gather to raise their voice against the killing in eastern Aleppo, Syria, during a rally in Sarajevo, on December 14, 2016. The seige of Aleppo is brutal but far from unprecedented, with the Bosnian capital Sarajevo and Chechnya's regional capital Grozny previously subjected to devastating bombardments. / AFP PHOTO / ELVIS BARUKCIC

Hyderabad: Expressing deep concern over deteriorating situation in Syria, Maulana Hamed Mohammed Khan City President Jamat-e-Islami Hind, Telangana and Orissa, requested government of India and global powers to immediately intervene into the matter. He said Syrian president Bashar al-Assad is carrying out mass killing of citizens instead of providing them security. He said that silence of Muslim rulers and global powers on dreadful killings of innocent citizens in the name of war is meaningful. World is silent over the destruction of humanity while the United Nations also seems to be helpless. Russian powers are directly involved in the bloodshed of Aleppo and tyrant ruler Bashar al-Assad is supporting the killings.

Mr. Khan demanded that the global powers mount pressure on Bashar al-Assad and stop the bloodshed in Syria. He also urged human rights organisations and Amnesty International to immediately take note of the situation and appealed humanitarian people to send condemnation letters to embassies of Russia, Syria and its allies.

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