Maulana Abutalib Rahmani on “the downfall of Muslim community”

Maulana Abutalib Rahmani on “the downfall of Muslim community”

There is distress in Muslims of our country.

In a Facebook live interview of Maulana Abutalib Rahmani, he speaks about how the Muslims are on a decline in India and what are their responsibilities towards the Deen of Islam.

He says that, if one has to show anger then has to express against hypocrites and wrongdoing, which are being crept in the Ummah disguised in beards, caps, and hijabs. We lag behind not because of Islam but because of our behaviour and the evil tongue we speak.

Whether it is a Muslim living on road gambling or it is a rich Muslim living in air condition room surfing the internet for all wrong reasons, have become same and are on the same page characterwise. So, how will the mercy of Allah come down? he asks.

If an average to take about how many Muslims pray five times a day, then with his survey, it comes down to not more than 2 percent. Those who offer Friday, they are 5 percent.

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