Mathura Violence allegedly linked to Godman Jai Gurudev’s Rs 12,000-crore empire

Mathura: The violence which broke out in Jawar Bagh area is allegedly linked to the dispute between supporters of a so-called spiritual guru Jai Gurudev whose empire is estimated to be worth over a whopping Rs 12,000 crore.

Self styled spiritual guru Jai Gurudev’s original name was Tulsidas Maharaj.

He has a huge empire with land worth Rs. 4000 crores, scores of luxurious ashrams, a massive fleet of cars which also includes several Mercedes and Plymouths.

The daily offerings made by his supporters to the ashrams amount to around Rs 10-12 lakh, reports News18.

Though the spiritual guru passed away in 2012 but his protestors on the pretext of a dharna (protest) reportedly occupied hundreds of acres of land of controversial Jawahar Bagh area for over two years.

The supporters belongs to a splinter group, known as Swadheen Bharat Andolan, clashed with the police on Thursday.

The clashes erupted when the armed devotees of the Baba pelted stones and later opened fire at the police team who went to the spot to remove encroachment upon a land.

Reports said that the police had failed to evict them earlier despite a court issuing orders to do so. The 260-acre park is valued in crores of rupees.