UP: Mathura Cops to have ‘Krishna’ on Police Uniforms

Agra: Carving a religious nation out of a secular one seems the top agenda being practiced in a democratic India, UP Police has forwarded a proposal of stitching Krishna logo on State Police Uniforms.

The Indian constitution does not permit any such religious symbols or godly symbols to be used or displayed on any civil services uniforms, offices, UP Government declaring Mathura as an official “holy pilgrimage site” has not declared to revamp their Police uniforms by including a Krishna logo. The Mathura Police will also have the logo featuring words ‘Tourism Police’.

Mathura Senior Police Superintendent Swapnil Mangain said, “The purpose behind the logos is to make UP Police more tourist-friendly.”

The logo is finalized and the proposal is now sitting in the office of the Director General of police (DGP) for its approval.

Talking to TOI, former DGP Brij Lal said, “Such logos should not be allowed as they can dent the secular image of the police.”

While National spokesperson of Congress, Vivek Bansal said, “India being a secular nation, the government should not patronize and propagate any religion…. The logo will be a violation of the Constitution.”

Haji Jamiluddin Qureshi, Congress Leader said such a logo was objectionable.

Another BJP leader who does not wish to known said what is wrong in carrying a logo of Krishna.

He asked, “Everyone knows Mathura and Vrindavan are revered as Krishna’s birthplace and are associated with him, so what is wrong with the logos having the picture of the Lord?”

However, SSP Mangain said, “Just as Agra is famous for Taj Mahal, Mathura has the Banke Bihari temple, and these logos will provide a distinctive identity to the police.”