Massive signature campaign launched in masajid in support of Muslim Personal Law

Hyderabad: Following the appeal made by Muslim Personal Law Board, massive signature campaign was launched in various masajid of the city. Muslim community has announced to unitedly reject the affidavit filed by the Govt. of India in Supreme Court and the questionnaire of Law Commission of India. Imams and khateebs of masajid in the twin cities strongly condemned government’s efforts to interfere in Shariah. Shariah is dearer to Muslims than their lives and they do not tolerate any kind of amendment in Shariat-e-Mohammedi, they said. Declaring the efforts to interfere in Muslim Personal Law as unacceptable, the scholars said no law of the country or of the world has the power to change Allah’s law. They appealed Muslim community to be united and act according to the directions of Muslim Personal Law Board and make the government realise that Muslims can tolerate anything but interference in their religious matters.

During Friday sermons scholars appealed Muslims to reject the Questionnaire of Law Commission of India and intensify campaign in favour of protection of Shariah.

Masajid committees and authorities had put up signature campaign camps outsides the masajid where thousands of Muslims took part in the signature campaign.

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