Mass movement against enforced disappearances grips Pak’s Sindh

Sindh: A mass movement has gripped Pakistan’s Sindh province as demand for early release of missing persons has intensified.

Various political organisations and family members of the victims are holding hunger strike camps at various places including Karachi, Kotri, Mehrabpur, Moro, Badin, Bathoro and Pano Aqil demanding safe release of missing persons.

In an estimate, over 4,000 people have gone missing from Sindh province since 2011.
Accusing the security forces for the enforced disappearances, the family members of the victims are protesting in Sindh by holding the pictures of the dear ones. The prominent of those missing are Aaqib Chandio, Kaleem Tunio and Khadim Hussain Areejo.

The family members have asked the government to bring them in courts and prove their crime.
Voice for Missing Persons of Sindh’s Convenor Soarath Lohar said at a hunger strike camp in Amarkot, “Now, we are going to other phase of struggle after Eid, which will be more effective and strengthened. We say it’s better for security agencies that all abducted nationalist workers must be released before Eid.”

In Kotri, the political activists pitch for 72 hours hunger strike camp for missing persons of Sindh outside the Press Club.

At many hunger strike camps, the Sindhi folk singers have also joined the movement to show their solidarity for the missing persons.

The Sindh Bar Council also announced black day and full day hunger strike by tasking seriously note on substantial increase of disappearances of the innocent citizens and inordinate delay in their recovery.

Salahuddin Khan Gandapur, Vice Chairman and Yasir Arfat Shah, Chairman, Executive of Sindh Bar Council requested the legal fertility as well as Bar Association of Sindh to wear black bands and condemn the act of involved authorities.

Despite massive protests and strikes, the federal and provincial governments are silent over the issue.
It is evident that Pakistan’s security agencies are behind this heinous crime which needs international attention and condemnation.