Mass awareness of diabetes, its detection

New Delhi: There has been a significant increase in the incidence of lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, with low awareness about the cure and control status of ailments linked to it.

To spread awareness about the prevention and treatment in the most affected sections of the Indian community, Dr Vikas Ahluwalia, an established authority on diabetes treatment and care in the country, has come out with innovative and preventive strategies to neutralise lifestyle disorders like diabetes and obesity.

Dr Ahluwalia’s guidance and leadership have directed the Diabetes Care Foundation of India, a non-profit organisation established in 2008, towards various path-breaking initiatives.

His work has enabled the organization to achieve many milestones in generating community awareness about diabetes, its treatment and prevention.

Some of these include:

-Successful organisation of numerous Detection Camps, in partnership with Delhi Government Hospitals (NDMC).

-The inclusion of slum population in awareness programme through Urban Slum Check-Up Camps for diabetes and high blood pressure, in association with Govt. of Delhi under the National health rural mission programme, an initiative of Government of India.

-Weekly Diabetes Clinics and follow-ups for weaker sections of society.

-The launch of Insulin Banks and free distribution of insulin to weaker economic class children.

-Effective and cost effective treatment options and medicines made available at subsidized costs, free target organ evaluations.

– Obesity awareness drives across government schools in Delhi-NCR.

-Funding of education and research for young, promising doctors.

Dr Ahluwalia strongly believes that mass awareness about the early detection and prevention of the disease are keys to managing the disorder.

The Diabetes Care Foundation of India, in association with government agencies and hospitals, is actively involved in the following:

-Regular detection camps and clinics

-Dissemination of literature through various media channels for public awareness

A big part of Dr Ahluwalia’s vision for inclusive public health care in India involves preparing a qualified and robust healthcare provider force in India. The foundation runs a scholarship programme for young doctors.

In Dr Ahluwalia’s words, “We believe that our foundation is doing important work in the delivery of health services in areas that are crucial to public health in India. Our experience in handling diabetes in the vulnerable sections of society (children and slum population) can act as a strong force that propels the government’s efforts for inclusive public health delivery.”