Masjid and Mandir share same premises in West Bengal

Jhargram: In an example of communal harmony, a temple and a mosque has been sharing the same premises in West Bengal’s Jhargram district since last 25 years.

Muslims read holy Quran while Hindus worship Lord Shiva under one roof at the residence of Narayan Chandra Acharya, a Brahmin who is the caretaker of the place.

“We are all children of one God and all of us will go to him after we die. There is no discrimination or religious conflict here and people from both the communities sing bhajans as well as recite verses from Quran,” he said.

“We get to see Kali maa as well as offer our own namaz and that is why this place is so special. I come here with my family every day,” said Jahara Bibi, a local Muslim devotee.

Even though places of worship of both the religions have been existing in the same premises for decades, there has never been a clash between the two communities.

“I have never seen such a place in my entire life where Shiv Baba and Fakir Baba are together. We want this thing to happen throughout the world so that we can all live in peace and harmony,” said Chittaranjan Majumdar, a Hindu devotee. (ANI)