Masculism: AP Mahila Commission Chairperson bats for ‘Purush Commission’

Hyderabad: Demands for setting up commissions for oppressed groups like women, minorities, SCs, STs and even OBCs for their welfare to ensure prevention of atrocities against these respective castes and communities are nothing new. But here comes a proposal to set up a commission for the dominant group too. Interestingly, the proposal has come from none other than Andhra Pradesh Mahila Commission Chairperson Nannapeni Rajakumari. She proposed setting up of Men’s Commission in the wake of the killing of men by their wives in different parts of the state of Andhra Pradesh.

Claiming that men also need to be provided protection from women since there have been several cases in the recent past of women cheating men, Rajakumari mooted the idea of setting up Men’s Commission. To support her claim she cited incidents of a woman brutally murdering her husband and another where an attempt was made to kill the husband which took place in Andhra Pradesh.

Expressing shock over these incidents Rajakumari has requested the state government to set up a ‘Purush Commission’ (Men’s Commission).