Maryam thanks Punjab govt for addressing Nawaz’s ‘deteriorating health’

Islamabad: Daughter of former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on Thursday thanked the Punjab government here for addressing her ailing father’s ‘deteriorating health’.

“I am told that MNS’s blood samples to check his renal function (urea & creatinine) have been taken. Thank you very much. I hope the lab results, as soon as they come, will also be shared with me,” Maryam tweeted while apparently referring to her father.

“Permission to meet MNS also granted. Thank you again,” she added.

Ailing Nawaz is currently serving imprisonment at Kot Lakhpat jail in Lahore in connection with graft cases.

In her previous tweets, Maryam had said that Sharif’s renal function is “deteriorating further” and “his kidney disease is on stage three”, demanding the Punjab government to free her father.

Maryam stated that the doctor who went for the medical check-up of Nawaz “was not allowed in and sent back.” Maryam claimed that letters requesting permission to visit her father had been sent by her without any response given in turn by the authorities.

She warned that she will hold a protest if jail authorities will not provide Nawaz with medical help until tomorrow.

Meanwhile, in response to her tweets, Punjab chief minister’s spokesperson, Shahbaz Gill, in a series of video footages, revealed the conversation where he had in which he talked in detail about Sharif’s daily activities, food intake and health indicators such as blood pressure, slaming all claims made by the former Prime Minister’s daughter, Dawn reported.

Gill questioned the accusations made over Sharif’s health and the manner in which it was “politicised and used as a tool for vengeance”.

Gill further assured Maryam that her father was receiving the best of medical attention and had not complained of anything in the past 12 days apart from a toothache for which a dental surgeon was called in immediately.

He said that blood and urine samples had already been taken and sent to the laboratory, promised to share the results soon.

Sharif was shifted to Jinnah Hospital on February 15 after he complained of fever, stomach ache, and headache. However, he was later moved to the jail after Islamabad High Court last week rejected his petition seeking bail on medical grounds.

Citing inadequate availability of medical facilities in jail, Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) members, in February, had requested the Punjab Assembly secretariat to grant permission to the three-time Prime Minister to go abroad for his medical treatment.