Marvel drama ‘The Gifted’ and comedy ‘Rel’ cancelled by Fox

Washington: Marvel drama ‘The Gifted’ has been cancelled by Fox after two seasons.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the broadcast network is now being headed by AMC topper Charlie Collier, who took the decision of cancelling the series.

‘The Gifted’, set in the Marvel ‘X-Men’ universe, narrated the story of a couple who came across a discovery that their teenage child has mutant powers.

‘The Gifted’ had an average rating of 1.0 for the first season. The show got 3.31 million viewership in total. While the average rating for the second season came down to almost half, 0.59. The viewership witnessed an average dip to 1.95 million, reported Variety.

Fox has taken down another comedy series ‘Rel’ which is inspired by Lil Rel Howrey’s life who played a self-made man, who highly believes in, “always believe in yourself and great things will come”.

‘Rel’, was co-created by Lil Rel Howrey and Kevin Barnett. However, Barnett death came as a surprise to the team, when he was out on a trip to Mexico.

The series’ premiere had an average rating of 1.9, while a viewership of 5.5 million. For the later part of the series, the ratings dipped to a low of 0.77 with about a viewership of 2 million.

Earlier, for its 2019-20 primetime schedule, Fox resumed some of its series, ‘The Resident’, ‘9-1-1’, ‘Bob’s Burgers’, Family Guy’ and ‘The Simpsons’.