Maruti Suzuki launches Quick Response Team on Bikes

New Delhi: Maruti Suzuki on Friday launched ‘Quick Response Team on Bikes’ (QRT) to offer faster on-road assistance to customers.

The company said a QRT biker will be equipped with essential tools and critical spares needed to quickly restore the vehicle in distress.

“The QRT will have a fleet of 350 bikes in over 251 cities in the first phase. The initiative will be progressively expanded in 500 cities by the end of 2020,” the company said in a statement.

Customers can avail of the new service on a complimentary basis under the extended warranty offered on Maruti Suzuki cars.

“For cars not covered under Maruti Suzuki warranty or extended warranty, the QRT service is available on a per-call basis with visiting charges ranging between Rs 420 to Rs 575, depending on location of customer’s car,” the statement said.