Maruti Alto K10’s price hiked after upgrade

New Delhi: Maruti Suzuki has hiked the price of its Alto K10 model across India following its upgrade with safety features in compliance with the “AIS-145 Safety Norms”. The price revision will be effective from Thursday.

“Alto K10 is now compliant with AIS-145 Safety Norms… This will result in price increase in all variants of Alto K10 model. Depending on features introduced across variants, the ex-showroom price in Delhi and NCR region will vary from Rs 3,65,843 to Rs 4,44,777,” Maruti Suzuki said in a regulatory filing.

“In the rest of India the price will vary from Rs 3,75,843 to Rs 4,54,777.”

The new safety features include driver airbag, reverse parking sensors, speed alert system and driver and co-driver seat belt reminder.