Marry Muslim girls, but stay away from Muslim boys: Bajrang Dal

Dozens of Bajrang Dal activists distributed pamphlets to school girls cautioning them against ‘love jihad’ in Agra on Tuesday. The Bajrang Dal activists were seen distributing pamphlets warning them of dire consequences and asked the School girls to stay away from Muslim and Christian boys.

“We have decided to protect our daughters from Love Jehadis,” said Ajju Chauhan, district president of Bajrang Dal. “Bedsides this campaign, we have also decided to meet Hindu families and suggest them to encourage their sons to marry the Muslim and Christian girls”, he said.

“This is how the girls of other religion would be able to understand and appreciate Hindu religion because our tradition ensures respect and every right to women,” he added.

Meanwhile, political parties slammed the Hindutva organisations like Bajrang Dal and VHP for pushing their hardline agenda.

The handout that was distributed in Agra claimed that around one lakh girls in India had already fallen victim to “love jihad”.

“The Hindu girls must understand that the youths of a particular religion trap them by displaying their fake lavishness” said Chauhan. Maintaining that a particular religion has been involved in “love jihad” and Hindu girls should be alert against such people.

Interestingly, although the issue of “love jihad was raised on a large-scale in 2014, the BJP a politically wing of the Sangh Parivar, to which the Bajrand Dal is associated had dissociate itself from ‘Love Jihad’ theory. Union home minister Rajnath Singh had also rejected the existence of “love jihad”.