Married woman raped, blackmailed by Facebook friend

Jodhpur: A 35-year-old married woman was allegedly raped by her Facebook friend, who also filmed the act and blackmailed her, police said today.

According to ACP Swati Sharma, the woman from Jodhpur had befriended the man, identified as Gajendra Singh, from Nagpur in 2013.

“Gradually they also exchanged phone numbers and conversed regularly with each other,” Sharma said.

“Later on, he also obtained the residential address of the woman,” she said.

“One day in the absence of her husband, Singh came to her home and intoxicated through a sedative-laden drink. He then raped her and filmed the act. After this, he started blackmailing her of making the video viral on the Internet,” she said.

The woman deactivated her FB account, but Singh created a fake account in her name and uploaded vulgar pictures, with a view to harass her in the pursuit of sexual favours, the ACP said.

Finally, the woman shared the incident with her husband, who took her to the police station on Sunday night and filed a complaint against Singh.

A medical examination was done and her statement was recorded under section 161 of CrPC (examination of witnesses by police), the ACP said.

“We have registered a case under different sections of IPC for raping, threatening and blackmailing against Gajendra Singh,” said Sharma.

“We would proceed with the recording of her statement now before the magistrate on Tuesday,” she added.