Marriages of Muslim girls with non-Muslim boys; points to ponder

RSS has triggered love jihad issue which is nothing but a propaganda. NIA has also confirmed that there is no basis of love Jihad. But Hindu society is spreading the issue like a fire to create hatred among Hindu youth. They persuade Hindu boys to lure Muslim girls and marry them in retaliation. They want to disgrace Muslims. Some girls were driven into flesh trade, some were killed while some were abandoned after a few days. They never gave the converted girls the status of a wife.

There are basically four reasons behind marriages of Muslim girls with non-Muslim boys. Firstly extravagance in marriages. Due to the heavy financial burden on the bride’s family because of extravagant marriages the middle-class society is unable to marry off their daughters. Secondly educational backwardness of Muslim boys. Girls are outperforming boys in education. They are unable to get matches according to their qualifications. Thirdly, co-education system and fourthly intermingling of sexes at job environment. Girls and boys working in multinational companies and call centres travel together, work together, eat and drink together, thus their environment is the combination of fire and petrol. It is the responsibility of girls’ parents and guardians to teach them about good and bad.

Muslims, in general, should ponder over the above mentioned four reasons and think about their solution. Otherwise, we will have to regret in future and it cannot be mended then.