Marriages of minor girls with Arabs: Police seeks cooperation from Minorities Dept.

Hyderabad: Police Dept. has requested the officials of Minorities Welfare to extend their cooperation in connection with the probe against Qazis.

Higher officials of Police contacted Mr. Syed Omer Jaleel, IAS, Secretary, Dept. of Minorities Welfare and advised him to investigate the records of Qazi to find out how the blank marriage certificates were issued to him.

Mr. Omer Jaleel assured the police officials that he would get the report from Qazaat Section of Wakf Board.

Preliminary enquiries revealed that blank marriage certificates were not issued to the kingpin of Qazis. He was using the marriage certificates issued in the name of his deceased father. The Qazi has been taken into police custody and marriage records were seized from him.

It was revealed that recently, Qazi performed 551 marriages. He did not keep any record of divorce and Qula.

Mr. Omer Jaleel also told that the draft of the proposed Qazaat Act. is under consideration with Advocate General in which certain conditions have been proposed.

It was also decided to have a vigil on Qazaat Section since brokers play a key role in arranging such marriages.

–Siasat News