Marriages with least expenses are blessed by Allah, Islam discourages extravagance: ZAK

Siasat editor Mr. Zahed Ali Khan said ‘the Du Ba Du programme organised by Siasat and MDF resonates in entire country. A delegation of Kashmir which is on its visit to Hyderabad has admired the programme and wished that such programme was organised in Kashmir also.’ He pointed out that Muslims, especially parents of prospective brides are worried on this matter everywhere. Demand for cash (jode ki raqam), dowry and standard marriage have become a nuisance for the parents. Vying with each other many middle class and poor parents are conducting their children’s marriages by taking loan on interest. Mr. Zahed Ali Khan was addressing the 49th Du Ba Du programme held at Bharat Function Hall (Maula Ali) jointly organised by Siasat, Minorities Development Forum and Lalaguda Old Boys Association. He told that Islam discourages extravagance. While Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) says ‘The most blessed marriage (Nikah) is the one with the least expenses’. Today many families have been affected by the trend of standard marriage. On an average 5 to 6 lakh is spent on each marriage which is unfortunate. To make the marriage process simpler Siasat initiated this movement to prevent the community from all vices.

Mr. Zahed Ali Khan stressed the need encourage young generation to pursue higher education. He gave the example of Dr. APJ Kalam who became famous in Missile technology despite the fact that his childhood was spent in extreme poverty; he did not even have slippers to wear. Mr. Khaja Wahed Ali (Anwer Bhai) attended as chief guest.

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