Marriage racket run by UK-based Pakistanis busted

Mirpur [Pakistan]: Scores of young Pakistani girls have revealed their horrific tale as to how they were lured into marrying British-Pakistani nationals, who later blackmailed them by shooting videos of their first wedding night.

According to The Nation, victims spilt the beans about such marriage scams being run in areas like Pakistan’s Mirpur where accused British nationals woo girls into considering marriage to them on promises of having a great life abroad.

The victims’ families were also duped by these fraudsters, as revealed at a recent press conference held at the Kashmir Press Club in Mirpur.

According to those addressing the press conference, an entire gang of British-Pakistani nationals led by Mumtaz also known as ‘Taja Pehlwan’ targetted young girls, especially in Mirpur. Mumtaz himself developed intimate relationships with some of these girls, assuring them of a good life abroad if they married him.

More than 15 girls were reportedly targeted by this group. The men used to marry them and then shoot intimate videos of their wedding nights. Later, these girls were threatened by their respective spouses with release of these videos online.

Some of these Pakistani men even refused to take their wives abroad and would have several wives at any given point of time and, if any of them sought divorce, they would be charged with false cases of theft.

This way, Mumtaz managed to marry seven girls, Anzar five and Muhammad three. Two of Mumtaz’s family members were also involved in this marriage-scam.

The girls after long periods of torture and sexual abuse were finally able to narrate their ordeal at the press conference.

The accused are currently absconding. Victims also revealed that Mumtaz is heading a drug-peddling gang with the support of his nephews Muhammad Ali and Anzar Ali.

The girls said they were forced to participate in illegal drug operations too and asked parents to be vigilant about such human trafficking attempts. (ANI)