Marriage of Arab citizens with Hyderabadi girls – 14 arrested, racket busted in Mailardevpally

Hyderabad Police arrested 14 persons including two brothers in connection with arranging marriages for Arab citizens. Saleem Obeid Sayeed Shamlan (52), Ibrahim Obeid Shamlan (48) and Habeeb Ali (60) who is a Qazi were engaged in arranging marriages of Arab persons in Hyderabad. Mohammed Shafi (51) who was instrumental in arranging marriages was also arrested.

Ms. Padmaja, DCP of Shamsabad Zone presented these persons in a media conference and said that some documents have also been seized.

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Saleem Obeid Sayeed Shamlan came to Hyderabad on 10th August with an intention to marry a Hyderabadi girl. He contacted Shafi. In turn, Shafi contacted the family members of Nazia Begum, a resident of Akbar Colony, Mailardevpally and proposed a matrimonial alliance with Arab national. DCP reported that the Arab national gave Rs. 70000 to Shafi, out of which Shafi gave Rs. 40000 to the family members of Nazia. He also gave Rs. 10000 to Qazi as a commission for performing the marriage.

After this, Saleem’s brother, Ibrahim also arrived in Hyderabad for marriage. The inspector of Police, Mr. Gagadeshwar reported this incident.

–Siasat News