Marri accuses KTR of conspiring to usurp slum land

Congress senior leader Marri Shashidhar Reddy has alleged that the IT Minister KT Ramarao is hatching conspiracy to usurp Ambedkar NagarSlum Land.


Speaking to the media here on Monday at Gandhi Bhavan, Marri said KTR, in connivance with Minister Srinivas Yadav, has conspired to usurp land on the Necklace Road by forcibly getting the people of Ambedkar Nagar Slum to vacate their houses on the pretext of construction of Double Bedroom houses there. The slum-dwellers were earlier told by Srinivas Yadav that there is a Supreme Court order not to take up any construction in and around Hussain Sagar without SC’s permission. Ambedkar Nagar falls under that. In view of this they were asked to go and see an alternative site at SR Nagar where GHMC has taken over seven acres from the State Health Transport Organisation in 2015.


He said that then making an about turn the local TRS leaders were now trying to get people to forcibly vacate their houses by without getting the required permission from Hon Supreme Court. Minister KT Rama Rao’s complicity in this conspiracy is confirmed by his performing the Bhumi Puja there earlier this month, providing an impetus to their local leaders to resort to threats and coercion. Once the slum dwellers vacate their houses and no further steps can be taken to construct houses there, the original owner from whom that land was required under Slum Development Act will legally claim that land.

“My allegation is that Minister KT Rama has conspired with the original owners for personal gains”. He said that the Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao had announced some time back that cases would be booked if false allegations are made. “If I am making baseless allegation, I challenge the govt to file a case against me accordingly. There are no guidelines about how the project needs to be implemented. No notices have been served, which is highly irregular”, he said.

He said that the Hyderabad Collector handed over the lands pertaining to several slums to GHMC in August 2016. Collector maintains that it’s upto the GHMC to issue notices etc. GHMC on the other hand claim that their job is to be simply construct houses on such lands, which have been handed over by the revenue authorities.  Ambedkar Nagar is not the only slum where they are trying take up housing scheme without land issue getting cleared.

He demanded the state government to stop forcible evacuations; Don’t dismantle houses, which some  people have vacate due to political pressure, without any govt agency issuing notices to them to vacate; Notices should be issued to them as per guidelines which need to be evolved after all land and other issues are settled appropriately. Issue Possession Certificates to PCs before they vacate their houses indicating the details if the houses that they would be provided after construction is completed, he asked and demanded the government further that the identification of beneficiaries should be in accordance with guidelines issued by state government to all eligible persons without limiting it to one per family. All irregularities in identifying beneficiaries should also be rectified. (NSS)