Mark Zuckerberg hosts first Facebook Live with astronauts

Mark Zuckerberg hosts first Facebook Live with astronauts

New York: Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg hosted the first ever Facebook Live chat with astronauts, currently living on the International Space Station, on Wednesday.

In a 20-minute Facebook Live video call with two NASA astronauts – Tim Kopra and Jeff Williams – and an European Space Agency astronaut Tim Peake, Zuckerberg asked about their on board research and the kind of experiments carried out in space.

Kopra, commander of the ISS for expedition 47, arrived at the space station along with flight engineer Peake on December 15, last year. They have been living and working aboard the ISS for the past 169 days. Williams, another flight engineer, arrived at the station a couple of months ago, his fourth space flight mission and third time aboard ISS.
Along with two cosmonauts (Russian astronauts) the current crew aboard the ISS consists of 6 people.

Facebook users left questions for the astronauts in the comments below the post, which Zuckerberg inturn posed to the astronauts.

The astronauts spoke about their daily exercise routine, the implications of zero gravity on the human body and the kind of technology needed for a trip to Mars.