Mark Wahlberg’s ‘Six Billion Dollar Man’ to release in May 2019

London: Hollywood star Mark Wahlberg’s sci-fi action movie ‘The Six Billion Dollar Man’ is set to release on May 31, 2019. A company bought the rights to the project late last year, which had been developing the movie with Damian Szifron attached to direct, reported by source.

The movie is based on the science-fiction television series of the same name, which revolved around a former astronaut, Colonel Steve Austin, portrayed by Lee Majors. Austin’s character had superhuman strength due to bionic implants and was employed as a secret agent. The series ran for five seasons on ABC between 1973 and 1978 and was based on the Martin Caidin novel.

Warner Bros also announced that its romance drama ‘The Sun Is Also a Star’ would release on May 17, 2019.